Company Philosophy

“Details are each component to every business; All difficulties start from easiness.”

                                           -------- Jason, President

“Choose the correct way, not the easy way.”

                                           --------- Victor, Leader of Sales Department

“The quality of bulk is positively respective to the quality of my sleep.”

                                           ---------- Wei He, Manager of Lamination Factory

“We are afraid more and more while staying longer and longer in this industry, that’s why we are holding awe to this job.”

                                           ---------- Tony, Manager of Sales Department

“400% of inspection is the key to good reputation.”

                                           -----------Chu, Bulk QA

“Success of each section leads to success of bulk production.”

                                           ----------- Wang, Dying House QA

“Giving a better life for my family is my personal philosophy.” 

                                           ----------- Liu, QA Leader