Company Profile

Company profile

Establishment Number of employee

10 (Sales Department)   12 (QA Team)
4 (R&D Team)  35 (Lamination Factory)


Business segment/area


Overseas sales
United States.Japan. Canada, Sweden and other countries




Sales orientation

ski/snowboards;various outdoor activities/ Urban Outdoors/ High Performance/active sports wears;fashion wears;comfort lifestyles/everyday wears



high value technical synthetic or blended woven and knit single layer,2 layer,2.5 layer,3 layer and bonding. High Stretch and High color fastness.

1.water proof,breathable,wind proof laminated or coated fabrics

2.functional fabrics regular and high performance

3.high stretch and high colorfastness fabric

4.customized and carious innovation developments



we do more than a trader~

Modetex was established in 2003, located in Suzhou. With 16years experience in synthetic woven production, we now have high standard Research and Development team, stable Production team and QA team. We focus on high performance fabric, which contains waterproof, windproof, breathable, thermal, flame retardant, anti-UV and comfort. Not only performance, but also fashion is a key point to aim. Thanks to Modetexians and all of our customer’s help, we are able to thrive in this highly competitive market. We will continue on good service, stable quality, highly customized development and various products to fulfil different customer’s request!

R&D Team

with the tremendous experience from our US and EU markets as well as sensitivities of trend, we've dedicated to new developments continually to fit the market trend of fast;diversity and technical innovation

QA Team

we are a co-ownership of the dyeing mill that makes our production arrangement maneuverable by adjusting the production lead-time by working closely with our mill. moreover,all the orders are tested at our in-house lab and are precisely inspected to make sure good quality to ship


    Testing Item                                                          Testing Standard

    Water Vapor Transmission        ASTM E96 (BW); ISO 15496 (BW)
    Water Resistance     AATCC 127
    Air Permeability     ISO 9237
    Water Repellency     AATCC 22
    Abrasion Resistance     ASTM D3884
    Seam Strength     ISO 13935.1
    Seam Slippage     ISO
    Tear Strength     ASTM D 1424
    pH Value     AATCC 81